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Oil Recovery Additives price

  • Acidification Drainage Aid MAN

    Contact NowAcidification Drainage Aid MANMAN is an oil and gas wells in the process of development of mining multifunctional additives, it can be used in fracturing fluids, also can be used for a variety of acidified solution, and fracturing fluids and additives acidizing fluid compatibility is good, and there is breaking of fracturing fluid reduces glue, surface tension and interfacial tension acidification acid residues role in improving fracturing and acidizing fluid flow back rates, prevent the formation of pollution, reducing formation damage can not be ignored role. The cleanup agent has good wettability, large breaking effect, high thermal stability, construction of convenient features.Read More

  • Iron Ion Stabilizer TW-2

    Contact NowIron Ion Stabilizer TW-2TW-2 is a suitable oil formation oil wells acidification and acid additives. In acid solution by the addition of TW-2, the residue can be completely prevented due to changes in the PH value generated in the formation of ferric hydroxide precipitate, resulting in blockage formation damage. TW-2 resistance stability, the maximum temperature up to 150 ℃, trivalent iron ion stabilizer ability, is an ideal additive for acidification oil reservoir protection.Read More

  • Crude Oil Demulsifier

    Contact NowCrude Oil DemulsifierDemulsifiers oil exploration, oil refining, wastewater treatment industries indispensable chemical additives, I produced the demulsifier has good wetting properties and sufficient flocculation and coalescence ability to make quick breaking emulsion system to achieve water separation. Suitable for various domestic and international crude oil water separation, oil refineries dehydration desalination. We can also provide demulsifier targeted to users based on the characteristics of crude oil, particularly in the high thick crude oil dehydration, high salt content of desalted crude oil has good performance.Read More

  • Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor HJ

    Contact NowAcidizing Corrosion Inhibitor HJWelcome to consult acidizing corrosion inhibitor hj price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading acidizing corrosion inhibitor hj suppliers in China and also a productive acidizing corrosion inhibitor hj factory. Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor HJ I. Description Acid...Read More